My Dear Ben: I really miss you

by Alan on November 30, 2014

in Family

SDC10287My dear Ben, it’s been a week since I kissed you goodbye and I want you to know that I really miss you.
This has been a really long, painful, tearful week, a week that has given me more pain than anything else ever has in my life. Your leaving me has left me in gut wrenching agony and I miss you so much.
I miss you in the morning when I wake up and can’t hear your breathing or feel the weight of your body on my feet.
I miss you when I come out of the shower and you’re not on the landing waiting for me with your tail wagging, and when I put on my socks you’re not back there on the bed ready to nudge me in the back. And as I pull on my trousers, you’ve not turned on the bed to check my progress and of course when I pick up my glasses from the bedside you don’t climb down from the bed to start our day togehter.
When I get to the top of the stairs you’re not there to gently nudge me down them and when I reach the kitchen you’re not there, sitting, waiting for your collar.
And I miss not having to say anything to you, because we both knew our routine of going to the park with instructions totally unnecessary.
I miss the way you always said “Hello” to the owners as well as the dogs you knew and the way you mugged all the people who had treats in their pockets. Your manners were impeccable and I miss the feeling of pride I had when strangers you met would comment on how good looking you were.
I miss you not being there to look after Mari when I leave the house, my instructions were always the same “Look after Mum, I’ll be home soon”.
And so it goes on all day: I miss you when I come home from work, I miss the sound of your tail banging on the floor when I smile at you, and I miss the way you sat at my feet whilst I ate supper, never begging but living in hope of a sample!
And when it’s time for your tablets I miss the way that you would just sit and open your mouth to take your medicine.
And I miss you at 10.15 every night when you’d walk into the lounge and remind me it was time for bed.
I miss our fights at bed time when you showed your strength with such control and overnight I miss the way you kept my feet from freezing on cold nights.
benonbe2dYour face brought me such joy at all times, your eyes gave me love and spoke volumes and never questioned. And I will miss your mad moments in the garden, the fun in the snow and swims in the river.
I will miss you in Aberaeron when you won’t be there to take me to the beach and there will definitely be no point in going without you.
When I’m driving I miss your face in the rear view mirror and your excitement when the boys came home from London.
I miss the unconditional love you gave to every member of our family. You are immensely special to me and to all of us and always will be. So I just want you to know: you will always be in our hearts and we really miss you

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Why Dieting isn’t all about Weight

by Alan on October 8, 2014

in Food

bpI decided recently to diet. I’ve always been a bit of a chunky-monkey but it was after a medical consultation that suggest my cholesterol and blood pressures numbers weren’t quite where they should be that I decided to take action.

5 Weeks later I’m chuffed to find that the following important metrics can now be reported:

  • Blood Pressure – was 149/80, now 130/80
  • Cholesterol -was 5.9, now 3.6
  • BMI – was Obese, now (just) Overweight
  • Suits that were in the attic that now fit – 3
  • Trousers off to the menders for altering – 5
  • Shirts brought back into use from the attic – 8
  • Weight – I’m not going to tell you!

The reason for not answering the last point is that it is not relevant to me now as these metrics give me the motivation and satisfaction that this diet is doing me the world of good. It’s not just about how much you weigh.

War Porn: we just don’t need it

by Alan on October 1, 2014

in Military

Stills of the second strike on Isil an armed pick-up truck in Iraq with a Brimstone missile by a RAF Tornado GR4 aircraftThe tone was set by the Americans with videos of missiles in flight to destroy their targets and now the RAF are doing the same. Videos showing the military might of the Western world often against an armed but un-armoured pickup truck are released as part of the media war. Why they are released is not clear, but I suspect someone, somewhere, thought that such images would be a demonstration of how power can be projected on a world stage.

And of course they aren’t particularly unpleasant. Black and white, pretty grainy and always ending in a flash/bang that showed nothing much of any consequence.

But underneath all that, someone is being killed. And when the Islamic State turned this war porn on its head and got up close and personal in their recent videos many of us were very uncomfortable with what we saw. Allegations of savagery, medievalism, brutality were common, but the reality is that the images were IS’s equivalent of the missiles- in-flight films issued by western powers. [click to continue…]

Ken Owens’ future hangs in the balance

1 October 2014 Adverts

Welsh rugby union stars the Scarlets celebrated recently after a heart-stopping win over Italian rivals Treviso. The Pro12 in Llanelli on 20th September saw the Scarlets winning seven tries to nil, with Welsh internationals Gareth Davies and Liam Williams touching down twice. It was the first win for hosting team Scarlets since new coach Wayne […]

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Buying Votes – another act of folly

21 September 2014 Politics

So, Ed Miliband wants to raise the minimum wage over the course of the next Parliament from £6.50 which is due to take effect in October to £8 an hour. This is a remarkably easy vote winning strategy for a Labour leader to throw out there, but he needs to understand the reality of what he’s […]

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Does this Fraud screening need improving

9 September 2014 Business

This morning I had reason to query some payments from my bank account and ended up having to call the fraud team. When they answered they took me through security, but not by using the account or online passwords or codes I normally use. Instead they asked me detailed questions like: my full name and […]

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Why Iraq and Ukraine are so different?

2 September 2014 Military

Someone asked me this morning: "how is it that we can be prepare to use airpower in Iraq but appear to be so reserved about a response to the situation in Ukraine?"That set me thinking: and the answer is, in my opinion, that we face very different situations. In Iraq we will not project our […]

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