20 mph residential area speed limit warning

20 mph residential area speed limit warning (Photo credit: freefotouk)

There’s a 20 MPH zone outside my house, it arrived over the last few weeks in dribs and drabs. I’d seen the Planning Notices a few months ago, but of course hadn’t bothered to question or challenge the intentions. And I’ve not heard anyone in my street jumping up and down demanding a slow down to the traffic and since its arrival I’ve not heard anyone extoling its benefits either.

All that set me wondering: why is it there? How was it planned? Where’s the value for money? [click to continue…]

7 Shocking Stats about the Internet

by Alan on March 20, 2014

in Business, Web

If you are involved in an Internet business, or just curious about where the Internet is heading, this infographic from Smart.Com may interest you:

7 Shocing Stats




Will the Red Forces out-muscle the Blue Forces?

31 January 2014 Rugby

The Blue Forces were always the good guys in the Military wargames that we used to play all those years ago on the Central Front of Europe. Russia – or the Warsaw Pact – had claimed bragging rites as the Red Forces and all that colour coding made great sense. In summary: Blue equals good, Red […]

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PRN: The World’s Leading EndEnd Military Supply Chain Event

7 January 2014

The World’s Leading End-to-End Military Supply Chain Event   [07-January-2014]   LONDON, January 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – How do you withdraw £37.5bn of military equipment? This is the challenge being faced by UK military personnel, as they work overtime in and around Afghanistan to meet the deadline of this summer’s withdrawal, and they aren’t alone. […]

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It’s getting tight in the Aviva

20 December 2013 Rugby

The Aviva Premiership is getting close to the half-way point of its 2013/2014 season, with each club having played nine matches entering the weekend of December 20-22. It’s been a tightly contested league thus far, with no single club distancing itself significantly from the pack, and only one side, the Worcester Warriors, lagging significantly behind […]

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With the likelihood of attack lifted, now is the time to become more involved in Syria

16 September 2013 Politics

Now that world leaders have seen some sense and cast aside their desire to attack the Assad regime in Syria, it remains a clear duty for those of us who can to become more involved in the region. I don’t suggest for one moment that we need to prepare any military engagement,that was a nonsensical […]

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