Farewell Lusty, you did us proud

by Alan Davies on August 28, 2014

in Politics

LustyI shed a tear a few minutes ago, only a small one, but an item on the lunchtime news really moved me. It was the report that said it was time to say farewell to a great servant of this country: HMS Illustrious.

Lusty, as she was known as been home to hundreds of seamen and sea-women for 30 years or more and is now to retire having travelled nearly 1 million miles around our world and taken part in several conflicts and rescue operations. But now, as the BBC reporter said: “the Navy is moving to a new era”. [click to continue…]

“Weather – Changeable” – A whole new meaning

by Alan Davies on July 14, 2014

in Laugh

A lovely day in Siberia changes from a pleasant chance to sunbathe and swim to seeking shelter from great hailstones, in a matter of minutes.


Why Morning is Broken

by Alan Davies on July 5, 2014

in 100 hours


Hello! (Photo credit: Major Clanger)

Well Good Morning Sir, and how are you today?” was pretty much the standard greeting from all the hotel staff during my stay in Boston and they said it in a way that made me think that they meant it.

And how that contrasts with the perfunctory British greeting of “Morning”, well that is if  you get a greeting at all from people as we are now pretty adept at ignoring people as we pass them. [click to continue…]

More Rubbish on Rubbish

4 July 2014 Moans

I live in Cardiff, but am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Aberaeron in Ceredigion. One strange thing I’ve noticed is that the 2 councils place different recycling demands on me, and other residents, and are not working in a common national agenda. For example: we’ve all got those horrid little food […]

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Has the World Cup ticket pricing gone too far?

17 June 2014 Family

I normally go to Wales’ home rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium and take my wife and sons with me whenever we can.And in truth I’d probably like to continue this pattern for the Rugby World Cup matches next year. And if I was lucky I might even go to the games at Twickers. However, […]

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Don’t try Picnicking in Aberaeron

17 June 2014 Moans

There’s a really pleasant walk along the riverside in Aberaeron. It’s perfect for a lazy stroll and for many it offers an opportunity to picnic in the shade whilst listening to the sounds of the passing River Aeron. I took a walk down there yesterday with Ben my Labrador and was appalled at the state […]

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Education in Wales: time for some change

16 June 2014 Politics

Last week the BBC reported in Wales: “First Minister Carwyn Jones has told BBC Wales he thinks some councils are incapable of improving education in their area. He said that with six local education authorities (LEAs) in special measures it is impossible to have faith in the delivery of education across Wales. Mr Jones argued […]

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