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I like food, so does my wife and we live well at home and enjoy visiting restaurants to get new ideas.

The results of our “Day of Chaos”

by Alan Davies on January 18, 2013 · 0 comments

in Family, Food

cacsI know one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but there really was quite a difference in the way that today panned out. Sure, we had some snow and the schools were closed, rail and some bus services were disrupted etc etc and the media reports were talking about the Day of Chaos across Wales.

But it was all a bit different in our house where my dear wife, Mari, had been ordered to work from home as her school was closed.

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A Snowy memory of Grostl

by Alan Davies on January 15, 2013 · 0 comments

in Food

grostlThis week’s cold snap has caused a plethora of weather warnings/alerts and forecasts of impending danger/chaos and fun. But it did come as a surprise last night when Mari told me what she really wanted for supper.

We’d last eaten Grostl on holiday in Austria around 8 years ago and always up for a culinary challenge I went looking for a recipe. The truth is that there’s nothing particularly challenging in it. in fact it’s really just a re-packaged Bacon, Egg and Chips, but somehow Grostl is far more synonymous with snow than the BE+C variant. [click to continue…]


What use is Starbucks?

by Alan Davies on January 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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Map of the countries with Starbucks Coffee Shops

Starbucks. Do you love them or hate them? Do you go there as a matter of course to grab a fix on the go, or do you take your time and enjoy the vibe of that overall Starbucks experience?

For  a long time now I’ve asked myself how they do what they do, how they can draw such big audiences, for this is a theatre isn’t it? It’s not just a coffee shop, we’ve had those for centuries. No, this is coffee as theatre where experience counts. [click to continue…]


The Last Supper of 2012

31 December 2012 Food

The final family supper of 2012, to start: Baked Camembert with Apple and Chilli Chutney Followed by: Fillet steak with a Stilton sauce Sauté Potatoes Braised leeks Braised Beetroot and onions Mushrooms Wines to suit, making a fine end to 2012, I hope the world will be a much  happier and more peaceful place in the New Year of 2013. […]

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My very First Sourdough loaf

26 December 2012 Food

For the last few months I’ve had a hankering to make some bread. Whilst I started on some normal recipes, my goal was to make some Sour-dough bread sometime soon. As a result I’ve been reading and researching and trying to learn the techniques and last week I got down to it! It all started with the […]

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Today I shall be making a crust

1 December 2012 Food

I’ve developed an interest in baking bread in recent weeks, I can’t really understand why and it has nothing to do with the success of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off either. There’s just something pretty magical in being able to mix a few ingredients and produce something so very tasty and potentially so varied.

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Cardiff Street Food Festival

20 November 2012 Food

I like food, and I like trying different foods with different flavours, so I was looking forward to the first ever Cardiff Street Food Festival in Cardiff last Saturday night.  Tomos came along with me and we met some friends there, none of us were disappointed. Set out in the Mackintosh Community Centre, it attracted […]

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